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Spring Time and Food Security

Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to plant. Strictly speaking this is not a cow-operative venture, but it is about food security and so runs parallel to one of the site’s themes.

I purchased some heirloom tomato and carrot seeds from the Vancouver Seed Bank. I tried to choose seeds that would be good for this climate rather than for strange characteristics (rainbow carrots or black tomatoes). I settled on two types of tomatoes, Brandywine and Amish Paste. The Brandywines are regular eating style tomatoes and the Amish Paste look a lot like Roma tomatoes. We make a roasted tomato sauce and I’m planning on using those in place of canned San Marzanos.

The carrots are Royal Chantenay. They are a fat carrot that reportedly stores well.

brandywine tomato

The Brandywine

amish paste tomato

The Amish Paste

royal chantenay carrot

The Royal Chantenay

I started all of these seeds in the house, in Jiffy Pellets, under a dome. This gives you a head start, but you need a warm, sunny area or else some grow lights. I transplanted everything the second weekend in April. Because I haven’t finished the landscaping at my place I built a temporary garden box out of old concrete blocks a buddy salvaged. Once the box was built I filled it with a yard of compost costing me $30.00.
Food Security

The seedlings all survived transplanting, and seem to be thriving. However, one thing to remember is that a small bag of seeds needs increasing amounts of room. I’ll need several garden boxes of that size in order to get any worthwhile food security production.

My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor, pilot and all around renaissance man based in Vancouver, BC. I really enjoy flying, playing guitar and hockey, real estate and the Chilcotin. My company is Coronet Realty Ltd., located at 3582 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A7. I have a C-150L that I own with two other pilots, based out of Pitt Meadows. Do not hesitate to contact me by email if I can help you do anything, especially if its likely to be interesting.

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