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More Feedback From Ranchers

Deciding the best plan of attack isn’t easy, but I’m going to defer to Seth Godin’s theme of shipping it (essentially Godin says “Don’t let the perfect become your enemy. Get the product, whatever it is, out the door, and then re-calibrate”. We have the option of building a herd by breeding cows and raising […]



Cowoperative! What is a cowoporative? A cowoperative is a group of people together raise a cow or cows cooperatively. Why “Cowoperative’? I can’t find any evidence of the word “cowoperative” on the Internet, so maybe I invented the term, but I think that I actually got it from a Seth Godin podcast. The term is […]



It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. That’s one of the problems when you have about 12 websites to run! I have no complaints. It’s a great learning experience. A lot has happened in the world since I last posted here. We saw the budget deadlock in the US. We’ve seen sovereign debt […]