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Is a Meat Co-op Legal?

Is a cow-operative legal? I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some challenges. A few parallels have been in the news already.

In 2009 Mark Tijsson ran afoul of an absolutely ridiculous Ontario government official for sharing pork that he’d butchered at home with a friend. Apparently you can butcher and consume your own pork, but it can’t leave your property. Not with a friend, not in your kids’ lunch boxes.

Then there is the story of Farmer Schmidt. He actually organized a cow share to allow people to acquire and consume raw milk. Its not against the law to consume raw milk, but it is against the law to sell it.

Still, in a province where growing weed is arguably the largest industry, and in a world where corporations make huge dollars legally selling products that kill humans, how much should we care whether we the government blesses our food before we eat it? After all, at a city level we’re putting vegetable gardens on City Hall’s lawn and some city officials advocate doing away with lawns in order to secure a local food supply.

Part of me says “Boca cerrada no entra mosca”, wise advice for all low-profile endeavours, but how do you do that with a blog? 🙂

Hello world!

Welcome to the Cow-operative. This is the first post. Tradition says I can edit or delete it, and then start blogging! I chose “edit”!